Snowshoe and Charlotte Hare are the hosts for the 2024 Wanakee Wilderness 5K. They are newest arrivals to the camp. The race is one of their favorite activities because they can quickly move around the race course to catch the best views.

Dusty and Karri Fox were the hosts for the 2023 Wanakee Wilderness 5K. They patrol the grounds and have the same responsibilities as Hootie. Their winter home is under the Rec Hall.

Hootie Owl lives in a hollowed out tree not far from the Astrodome.  She is the sky patrol. She flies over Wanakee making note of all that is happening and if a need arises, she reports to WanaBear.

Amos and Gloria Raccoon and their family are guardians of the director’s house and live close by. Amos wanders the camp mostly at night making sure everything is safe and sound while campers are asleep.

WanaBear is a big old black bear who lives on the back side of Look Out Hill. He has been around for as long as we can remember and his calling from God is to watch out for all who come to Wanakee. He makes sure that all are safe and protected.

Rusty Squirrel is a friendly little rascal who calls the lower cabin in Site 7 his home